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The Oregon Retailers of Cannabis Association (ORCA) is a member supported non-profit trade association that lobbies and advocates on behalf of the cannabis industry and our members.

Our mission is to create and support a thriving, safe, and respected legal cannabis industry.

Membership dues support our full time staffs' critical work fighting for smarter cannabis policy, preventing legislative and regulatory disasters, and defending the industries' interests. Additionally, ORCA also provides valuable member services such as access to banking services, advertising discounts, weekly wholesale reports, and direct access to our full time policy staff to name just a few.

Please join the more than 285 businesses fighting to make Oregon the epicenter of America's cannabis economy, by becoming a GoldSilver or Green member today using one of the links below.

Gold Level Membership ($500/Month)

Gold Members make up our circle of sustaining donors.  At this level, members can have a hands-on role in shaping the direction of the group and gain access to member services and expert help from staff saving you time, energy, and money. 

Visit our Gold Level Membership page for a complete list of benefits and services.

Silver Level Membership ($100/Month)

Silver Level Membership unlocks a robust suite of member services and promotional opportunities. Your monthly membership will ensure the success of ORCA’s lobbying and advocacy on behalf of the rights and interests of cannabis business across Oregon.  

Visit our Silver Level Membership page for a complete list of benefits and services. 

Green Level Membership ($35/Month)

Green Level Membership is a simple and affordable way to connect with other businesses, support ORCA's key policy and regulatory efforts, and stay connected to the legislative process.

Visit our Green Level Membership  page for a complete list of benefits and services.

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