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Oregon Retailers of Cannabis Association

"ORCA has been vital to the success of our business and the industry. Whether it's stopping another tax increase, passing ‘ Early Sales,' or fighting for tax reform they have lead the charge." 
Chelsea & Joe Hopkins ~ Owners, The Greener Side

ORCA Legislative Accomplishments

  • Stopped efforts to increase recreational sales tax by 5% and led the charge to keep retail sales taxes on cannabis as low as possible [HB 2204, 2017]

  • Added new OLCC commissioners from the cannabis industry to increase regulatory accountability, experience, and knowledge [SB 1057, 2017]

  • Early Recreational Sales, which allowed medical marijuana dispensaries to sell limited amounts of flower to all adult-use consumers 21+ [SB 460, 2015]
  • Expanded Early Sales, allowing the sale of edibles, extracts, and topical products to adult-use consumers beginning in June of 2016 [SB 1511, 2016]
  • Grandfathering of licensed dispensaries when schools move within 1000 ft of the location at which they are already licensed [HB 3400, 2015]
  • Won state-level tax deductions for business expenses that would normally be allowed if not for Section 280E of the Internal Revenue Code [HB 4014, 2016]
  • Exempted medical marijuana patients from having to pay sales taxes for purchases of marijuana for medicinal use through OLCC stores [SB 1601, 2016]
  • Fought for lower taxes for consumers, lower fees for OLCC applicants, and to remove the unworkable tonnage taxes at the wholesale level [HB 2041, 2015]
  • Fought to increase access to basic banking services for marijuana related businesses by exempting financial institutions from penalties [HB 4094, 2016]
  • Tackled local regulatory issues including local ordinances, unfair regulations, and needless red tape [2015, 2016, 2017, on-going]

And much more!  

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