Oregon Cannabis Legislative Action Alert

Legislative Action Alert – Part 2:   Help fight predatory and destructive businesses practices in our cannabis industry. Submit testimony by COB Monday!  Hey Everyone, I know I just emailed you yesterday, but time is of the essence right now and we need you to act by COB Monday!  Pleas take a moment to review […]

CBD testing provides parity and public safety

Retailers Cannabis Association

One conversation topic from our January member’s meeting was the importance of parity between Types 1/2 cannabis (highly regulated) and Type 3 cannabis (“Industrial Hemp”.) Our friends at Leafly recently did an in-depth survey of products on the CBD market that we thought you might find valuable. Are you getting the CBD you paid for? […]

Coronavirus Resources and Information – Update 4-8-2020

Cannabis Association

One of ORCA’s primary goals is to be of service to our members and the industry in general. To that end, on this page we have consolidated relevant information resources about the coronavirus and government programs to provide valuable reference tool. Please note that we are not lawyers or doctors, but we always strive to […]

PLEASE SIGN: OLCC Petition to Increase Home Delivery Purchase Limits Up To Two Ounces of Cannabis

Oregon cannabis retailers

Dear ORCA members and Oregon’s cannabis community, The ORCA team, industry thought-leaders, cannabis lawyers, and others have once again come together to draft a petition to the OLCC meant to promote safer consumer purchasing options for cannabis throughout the ongoing COVID-19 crisis – and we need your signatures! This time, we’re proposing an increase in the purchase limits for home […]