The Oregon Retailers of Cannabis Association is a non-profit trade association of retail cannabis businesses located all across the state.  We coordinate with all of our members to work together towards solutions that allow our industry to thrive while promoting public safety. We have a board of directors that help shape our specific positions on matters relating to retail cannabis policy at the municipal, state, and federal level.


Scott Grenfell
ORCA Board Member
Director of Retail Operations
Gnome Grown Oregon

David Alport
ORCA Board President
Founder/CEO of Bridge City Collective
Portland, OR

Joy Hudson
ORCA Board Vice President
Founder/CEO, Nimble Distro
Portland, OR

Chelsea Hopkins
ORCA Board Member
Owner/Manager of The Greener Side
Eugene, OR

Jeremy Kwit
ORCA Board Member
Substance Cannabis Market
Bend, OR

Portia Mittons
ORCA Board Member
Owner of The Coughie Pot
Sumpter, OR

Sarah McLean
ORCA Board Member
Founder, THAT Grow
Salem, OR


Casey Houlihan, Executive Director and Founder

Casey Houlihan is a long-time political consultant, public policy professional, and cannabis industry expert that has been actively involved in developing cannabis regulations in Oregon for over a decade – and brings with him some serious institutional knowledge. Alongside other industry pioneers, he founded ORCA in 2014 to help ensure that cannabis businesses had a voice in developing the regulatory framework under which they would operate.

Casey led the statewide field campaign for Measure 91 with New Approach Oregon, and before that he worked with Democracy Resources to help qualify the measure for the ballot.  He has worked as a labor organizer for SEIU, a legislative assistant in the Oregon Legislature, Deputy Communications Director for two Eugene-area State Representatives, and has worked on campaigns and ballot initiatives of all shapes and sizes across the country – including the Advance Team of the Bernie Sanders for President campaign in 2016 and 2020.  Casey currently lives and works in Portland, OR, and is often found kayaking on the Willamette River.


Jesse Bontecou, Co-Director

Jesse Bontecou has been heavily involved in managing electoral and issue campaigns in Oregon for the past 13 years. He has worked with over 100 campaigns and has been responsible for creating and running some of the most successful voter contact and volunteer programs in the country. His long list of personal relationships with elected officials and staffers is a great asset to ORCA. A proud Reed College alumni, he specializes in messaging, compliance, operational planning.