The Cannabis Industry Alliance of Oregon (CIAO) is the result of a merger between Oregon’s four largest and most effective cannabis trade associations: The Oregon Retailers of Cannabis Association, Oregon Cannabis Association, Oregon Industry Progress Association, and Farms Inc.

The CIAO is a member-driven non-profit cannabis trade association. We represent 500+ cannabis licenses and ancillary businesses from across the state.  We coordinate with all of our members to fight for solutions that allow our industry to thrive. Our board of directors helps shape our specific positions on matters relating to retail cannabis policy at the municipal, state, and federal levels.


Mike Getlin
Director of Licensing & Public Affairs
Nectar Markets

David Alport

Bridge City Collective
Panda Farms

Joy Hudson
Founder/CEO, Nimble Distro
Portland, OR

Hunter Neubauer

Catherine Leathers Self
Self Made Farms

Portia Mittons
The Coughie Pot

Gabe Parton Lee
General Counsel

J. Clark

Jessica Clements
Gud Gardens & Higher Cultures


Jesse Bontecou, Executive Director

Jesse has been fighting to improve the cannabis industry’s economic and regulatory environment since joining the ORCA team (now CIAO) in 2017. Before joining ORCA he was heavily involved in managing electoral and issue campaigns in Oregon for the past 13 years. He has worked with over 100 campaigns and has been responsible for creating and running some of the most successful campaign efforts in the country. His long list of personal relationships with elected officials and staffers is a great asset to CIAO. A proud Reed College alumni he specializes in advocacy, political organizing, cannabis policy, messaging, compliance, and operational planning.