• Stop all efforts to increase state sales taxes on cannabis, and fight all efforts to allow localities to increase the rate at which cannabis sales are taxed locally
    • Promote a reduction of the current retail sales tax rate to increase the legal cannabis industry’s market share and decrease illicit sales
    • Pass Social Equity and Racial Justice Legislation to help create entrepreneurial opportunities for BIPOC individuals and reinvest cannabis tax revenue into communities hit hardest by criminalization
    • Reduce storage and transfer requirements for cannabis products at the retail, wholesale, and production limits to reduce the number of violations that licensees receive for actions that do not threaten public safety
    • Reduce the cost of OHA compliance testing for cannabis to make it more affordable and business-friendly, while maintaining the highest standards of public safety
    • Create allowance for on-site consumption venues, or ‘lounges’, as well as an allowance for certain events to allow on-site consumption by adults
    • Fight to create fairness for cannabis businesses at all levels, where needless red tape adds cost to retailers and drives consumers to underground markets
    • Advocate for access to banking services through any means available, including lobbying state and federal policymakers for all possible solutions
    • Change federal tax laws and rules around section 280E that unfairly prevent cannabis businesses from deducting most normal expenses (except CoG), disproportionately harming retailers
    • Create a path for cannabis exports into other states once the federal government begins allowing this type of activity, which will generate untold millions in new tax revenue and thousands of new jobs for the state of Oregon
    • Develop a ‘low-income patient program’ for medical cannabis through which we can ensure safe, legal, and subsidized medical products for our state’s most vulnerable citizens
    • Protect consumer’s rights, like prohibiting employers from requiring drug testing for legal substances as a condition of employment, expanding the types of products available to consumers, encouraging legal market participation, expansion of online and delivery services, and so much more!

“Our number one priority during the legislative session is to pass pro-cannabis legislation that improves the business environment for all our members. If you have policy ideas or concerns let us know!”
– Jesse Bontecou, Executive Director, CIAO