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The Oregon Retailers of Cannabis Association (ORCA) is a member supported non-profit trade association that lobbies and advocates on behalf of the cannabis industry and our members.

Our mission is to create and support a
thriving, safe, and respected legal cannabis industry.

Membership dues support our full time staffs’ critical work fighting for smarter cannabis policy, preventing legislative and regulatory disasters, and defending the industries’ interests. Additionally, ORCA also provides valuable member services such as access to banking services, advertising discounts, weekly wholesale reports, and direct access to our policy staff to name just a few.

Please join the more than 300 businesses already fighting to make Oregon the epicenter of America’s cannabis economy, by becoming a GoldSilver or Green member today.

What We Do:

  • Crafting a clear, professional message and voice in favor of smart retail cannabis policy that retailers across the state can support, and in a manner that lawmakers can understand.
  • Providing members with important legislative services like updates about upcoming committee hearings and work groups, regular newsletters about changes and developments in the cannabis industry, and measure tracking for all measures relating to cannabis policy.
  • Creating a digital venue where members can interact with one another and stay informed online, and hosting weekly policy briefings by phone during the legislative session.
  • Connecting our members with their elected officials and the O.L.C.C. to discuss retail cannabis policies that impact their business, and help them prepare and present information.
  • Assembling work groups within the association so our members can discuss and inform our legislative priorities and help steer the overall direction of the organization.
  • Hosting monthly member-only Meetings/Forums where members can network with other retailers, vendors, growers, processors, and other industry professionals – and featuring special guest speakers with expert knowledge on all issues relating to cannabis policy.

Member Benefits:

  • Representation in Salem: Our staff works with members to connect them to their elected officials in our state’s Capital.
  • Policy Updates: Stay informed about any changes in legislation that could impact legal cannabis retailers in Oregon!
  • Legislative Conference Calls: Keep your fingers on the pulse of what’s happening in Salem, and get a chance to contribute your ideas
  • Advertising: Discounts in trade publications, Members are listed on our website, and can be ‘featured businesses’ in our monthly newsletter.
  • Banking services: Access to banking services (savings/checking) for OLCC licensed cannabis businesses and their vendors anywhere in the state.
  • Wholesale reports: Weekly Wholesale reports and policy updates that feature indexed price averages for state and national sales by product type.
  • Policy and Regulation Information: Direct access to ORCA’s staff for questions about policy and regulations by phone or email.
  • Help Define Our Goals: It’s your industry.  We’re just here to help it grow by listening to members and advocating for them
  • Networking Opportunities: With regular member meetings and a special guest speaker series, staying connected is easy!
  • Stop Bad Policy In Its Tracks: It’s critical to the success of cannabis legalization that we stop bad bills before they become bad policy